Moderators Application Form

Triads Entertainment moderators must be radiant, disciplined, and up to the task as they will be role models for numerous people in the African eSports community.

Olusoji Adeyemi, COO TheHITS Ltd. Tweet

Categories of moderators

List of moderation positions which you might be assigned

Moderate chat, posts and comments.

Moderate matches, from sending room IDs, to admitting players into the match, etc, then sending a result of the match to the mods only area.

Moderate events. We have a lot of event types, so each event will surely have specific moderation tasks and goals, all pointing to the success of the event.

These moderators are responsible for banning and kicking members that are confirmed to have over-abused the rules.

Requirement is being a current or an aspiring content creator. These moderators are willing to:
1. Create contents that can be posted under Triads Entertainment name.
2. Share our news/fliers with their followers.

Publicize and get participants for the match, also screen and validate the participants to make sure only valid participants who are interested join the match.

Record events and matches, and post it to the right channels.

Commentate matches, and also broadcasts matches and events.


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